35 Premium Admin and CMS interface HTML templates

Posted on September 29, 2011


Adminica Professional Admin Template

Adminica is a cleanly coded, beautifully styled, easily customisable, cross-browser compatible Admin Template and Web Application Interface. Adminica is packed full of features, allowing you unlimited combinations of layouts, controls and styles to ensure you have a trully unique app. Based on a fluid 960.gs grid, Adminica can scale itself automatically to fit whatever screen resolution the user has. The interface works perfectly all the way down to iPad and iPhone resolutions (Make sure you click on remove frame on the TF Live Preview to see iPhone scaling properly).

If you prefer a fixed layout, Adminica has that too, 960px is the default width but you can set it to whatever you like and the interface will resize accordingly. Adminica also comes with some amazing features not seen in other Admin themes – accordion dropdown navigation, animated sortable gallery, iPhone style contact Lists.

adminica admin html template

Terminator admin template with 13 different Admin Backend pages

Admin backend template that has a hell of a lot of features. It’s designed with cool “Storm Black / Aluminium” colors to make your backend even better than it is The best thing is to click on EVERYTHING you see in the live demo!


Constellation complete admin skin

Constellation is a powerfull admin skin for building advanced backends, both for desktop and mobile users. It provides a wide range of styles from data visualization to lists and calendars, all fluid and nestable. This skin is build on HTML5 and CSS3 , and is powered by jQuery for maximum user experience.


UniAdmin – Flexible, Universal & Easy to implement Admin Skin

Simple Admin theme that has everything you need to create any backend admin panel. Template is well documented and PSDs are included.


yourAdmin WordPress Admin Template and HTML skin

yourAdmin is a very flexible admin template intended to provide visual styles for custom CMS (content management system), applications, back-end interfaces, or any other use it can provide. With this template is included a WordPress plugin that makes use of these visual styles to modify the WordPress’ backend interface.


TurboAdmin Panel

TurboAdmin is here with a fresh, unique & clean user interface which comes with great functionality! The end users will feel at home using it. The developers will feel the same too, building it.


Smooth Admin Template

Smooth Admin is a user friendly administration panel that comes in 6 premade color schemes which include blue, green, brown, purple, red and a greyish light blue. Additionaly you can stlye it any color you like using the included PSD file.


Slate Admin

Slate Admin is a clean admin template designed for front end and back end projects. Files comes with an editable PNG file containing only the header & portlet graphics.


WeAdmin Admin Control Panel

WeAdmin is a clean and modern admin theme, ready to be structured as your software’s control panel. This template also uses well-known jQuery, jQuery UI scripts and effects.


Adminus – Beautiful admin panel interface

Adminus is a stylish admin panel template, ready to be implemented as the back-end interface of your application. The template uses smart jQuery scripts and effects, which degrades perfectly. Adminus comes in 3 premade skins – Blue, Green and Red and with the included PSDs, you can style it in any colors.


Admin Control Panel – Pro CP

Slick Admin Control Panel & CMS User Interface, was designed to be stylish and also provide an intuitive interface. VERY easy to customise, ALL editable elements have been provided in .PNG’s inc’ the 4 x themes. Included in this template are a variety of scripts from Toolbox Dropdown Menu, Editable Calendar (Month, Week, Day Views) – Draggable Dates etc etc, WYSIWYG Editor, Lightbox and so much more – see below for full list. Admin Pro CP includes Well documented semantic code that’s w3c standards compliant making editing an absolute breeze.



Reality Admin Template

Reality Admin is a stunning real world admin template that comes with 6 beautiful themes and is ready to go. Each theme comes with it’s own login page and the theme has been handcrafted and put together with the 960 grid system which means that you can have almost endless layouts based on your own needs. Primarily designed as a back-end admin application, it’s also versatile enough to be used for your front-end applications


CleanSlate – HTML5 CSS3 Admin Template

CleanSlate is an admin template that makes use of the latest CSS3 techniques to provide users with beautiful, stunningly rich experience.


Dashboard Admin Theme


Chromatron HTML5 Admin Backend

Chromatron Admin is a simple and professional template for your backend administration. This theme provides all basic features like tabs, tables, forms, notification boxes, modals, data visualization and widgets. Chromatron is build upon HTML5 and CSS3 draft powered by jQuery, modernizr and selectivizr.


Streamlined – Content Management / CRM Template

Streamlined is an admin template for Contact Management and CRM applications. It includes element styles for buttons, tabs, tooltips, progress bar, and others. If you are creating an hr application, CRM , or a contact/task manager, this is the perfect template to use.


Wide Admin – Powerful Backend Interface

Wide admin is a powerful lightweight backend interface application, ready to use for any software / CMS you want.


Admin Control Panel Pro – Simple & Professional

This professional admin interface has been designed with not just style but also functionality in mind. Modern design coupled with jQuery powered features makes this admin template a winner. Well documented semantic code that’s w3c standards compliant makes editing an absolute breeze.


FullAdmin – web + mobile admin template

FullAdmin is a complete solution for your admin control panel template. Shipped with both web and mobile templates. Mobile support: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android 2.2 and Opera mini


See Admin Interface

See Admin Interface is new theme with a beautiful and accessible interface based on Jquery framework to make user interaction more pleasant.


Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

Simpla Admin is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze. The template utilizes very few plugin scripts (most functions are hand coded) so the code is very lightweight and easy to manage/modify.


Admin Base – Stylish Admin Template

Admin Base is a complete professional admin user interface that is both functional, stylish and flexible. Admin Base has been given an overhaul with tons of added features, UI and more.


eziCMS an almost complete fresh CMS skin

eziCMS is an fresh and easy going admin skin, which comes with a lot of cool features, like html5 & css3 enhancements, tweets, jQuery & jQuery UI(both the newest), animations, WYSIWYG editor, lightbox with 5 styles and lots more. There are 4 version in this pack, eziFlex(flexible), eziCMS(1000px), eziMINI(600px) and an mobile version which usses the new jQuery mobile library(the first one here onThemeForest) + a BONUS site template. This all comes in 7 fresh styles. eziCMS has a lot of pre made elements instead of the most skins here which has just one or two pages filled with random stuff. eziCMS can be used for any kind of cms system(backend and even frontend), but this depens all on your own knowledge ofcourse.


Magneto Admin Skin

Magneto is a complete solution administration panel template. Magneto is ideal for the development of website backend and administration panels, it can also be used as a theme for web applications.


Platinum Admin Theme


EncoreAdmin – Light, Fast & Flexible Admin Skin

EncoreAdmin is a powerful set of templates to be used in various web applications, such as: admin/backend panels, CMS (content management systems), banking/financial systems and intranet applications.


Evolution – Advanced Admin Theme

Evolution admin is an advanced admin theme suitable for web applications, prototyping and backend interfaces. It comes with five different colors, working tabs, accordion, lightbox, expose and a lot of other stuff that will help your interface standout, become more usable and flexible. It is built from the ground up using the powerful jquery tools library and validates as XHTML strict.


Visual Admin Theme

Visual Admin is a stylish template designed for both front end and back end projects. It comes with a seperate login page, and being designed with the 960 grid system if offers endless layout options. Using Google Charts, the template shows off how this template could be used as a dashboard or even a front-end application.


Sharp Admin Template

Sharp Admin is the ultimate CMS or administration template for the professionals. It comes with 5 themes but you can easily make your own, modification is simple and with it using jQuery UI it has some awesome functions such as accordion, tabs and sortable lists. It’s ideal for content management systems, website backends or as a standalone skin for a web application. It’s been tested in all major browsers, and comes with a well commented help file to help you hit the ground running.


Boxie Admin Theme

Made in terms of progressive enhancement (using CSS3 properties in order to get as clean code as possible with less images etc.) and with graceful degradation in mind = looks great in modern browsers and good in older browsers as well (just take a look at live preview). Really clean & professional code using the latest web standards optimized for fast loading, accessibility, semantics and so on. Also using jQuery. Code is well commented so you’ll be able to modify your Boxie Admin as you’ll want.


Profi Admin – Administration for the professionals

Profi Admin is a clean and simple style template but it’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels. Inspired by the WordPress Administration layout.


Flexy liquid admin skin – 7 in 1

Advanced and easy to use administration theme which comes in 7 different colour variations. The theme is liquid, which means the width of the content area adapts to your browsers window size. The template is divided into a login page and a content page that uses 4 different tabs to display the commonly used interface elements, needed to create an admin panel.

It comes with many easy to use javascript effects like tabs, datepicker, message dialog, rich text editor, closable elements etc. Allof these elements can be applied with the simple use of html classnames, no need to ever edit the javascript.


Sleek Admin Clean CSS Admin Skin

Intended for Content Management Systems and custom built applications, but can also be customized for Blog Administration and Intranet Applications. Tableless CSS coding, cross-browser compatible and clean. Built upon the 960 CSS Grid system.


Complete Liquid Admin Control Panel

Complex Liquid Admin template that contains a login page as well as a modular content page that includes all the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you should be able to generate any required page. This template also contains rectangular notification boxes (ex. positive, negative, site message etc.) like our FlexiAdmin, however the shots don’t show this. So if you need these no worries, you will find them in the download package.


NeueAdmin II – Marketing Dashboard

NeueAdmin II is an admin template, specially crafted for marketing or reporting dashboards.


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